Main Deck Cafe

Main Deck is a quirky community hub owned and opperate by Huskisson's 'Earth Mothers' Jen and Angie who pride them selves on sourcing and producing local, good, ethical food.

Each month their tips go towards funding a charity, highlighting their compassionate and generous nature.

Locals and their pets enjoy the sun on their outside seating, with spacious and comfortable seating inside as well.

Jen is committed to producing fresh and delicious food and baked goods and Angie and her front of house team have a passion for great service and coffee. Main Deck also brew their own Chai Tea.

70 Owen Street
Huskisson, NSW 2540
(02) 4441 8808

Main Deck-5259
Jennifer Pabion

How long have you been in the hospitality industry?

Jen 13 years in hospitality, starting at Gerringong pizza shop working back to back with a bakers oven. Over 30 years in customer service. My first job was in banking and finance.

What gets you fired up/excited about coming to work each day?

I love the beautiful place we live in Huskisson/Jervis Bay. I love creating new things, trying new things and meeting different people every day.

What’s the best thing about cooking in Huskisson?

Cooking for a broad range of people so being creative and open to requests from many different people. Always a rewarding challenge.

Favourite ever dining experience (apart from one in your own establishment)?

Travelling in Thailand and experiencing the true flavours of Thai food. Always love a good Farmer's market.

Name a food trend that you hope to never see again?

Dagwood dogs... blah!

What new and exciting things will you bringing to the table this year?

I want to continue exploring new recipes and ingredients and challenge myself to create new things.


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